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NEW. Brand identity and brand KPI's

Developing a brand identity is often a very intensive and time consuming process. This is the reason why we use the BrandReflections tool. With BrandReflections you can check or develop a brand identity decentralized within a few days. In addition, you can even involve employees, trade partners or customers via this web application. And it takes only 15 minutes per participant. The results are brand KPI's, which you could never measure like this before. If you are interested in checking your brand identity with our BrandReflections tool, we look forward to receiving a short message or a call


NEW. Predictive Marketing

Digital targeting is an important topic for e/DNA. Thanks to an exclusive partnership, we are able to use real time mobile location data to optimize online and offline communication strategies. In other words, if you know who is near your location, when and where, you can optimize your communication strategy and budget. You want to learn more about digital targeting and predictive marketing? Let's go.


About us

e/DNA is new. We have our mission in our name, because we want to advance the digital ecosystem of ambitious companies and be the driving force for your digital DNA. e/DNA is characterized by agile thinking and acting. Therefore we work with Business Sprints, Design Thinking, Customer Journey Planning as well as virtual, decentralized project platforms and great curiosity.

A deep understanding of the needs of your customers on the one hand and years of B2B expertise on the other is an important starting point for our work. This enables us to find the cause faster and without major detours in order to develop intelligent and smart solutions. Are you curious too? Then we would be pleased if you start your digital restart with us.